consulting & EDUCATION

Deanna Mautz, RN, BSN, a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and Cannabis Nurses Network.

Deanna consults with clients using a unique approach that makes her clients so successful in improving quality of life and reaching optimal health, no matter what their medical condition.


  • Bachelors of Science, Registered Nursing

  • Medical Cannabis Curriculum For Nurses - TMCI

  • Clinical Applications of Cannabis in Cancer Patients - TMCI

  • Member of American Cannabis Nurses Association

  • Member of Cannabis Nurses Network

What Nurse Educators CAN do:

  • Create individualized care plans that are appropriate for your lifestyle and budget with written instructions

  • Save you money!

  • Teach YOU how to effectively manage YOUR cannabis medicine

  • Provide ongoing support and guidance

What Nurse Educators CANNOT do:

  • “Prescribe” in any manner

  • Make changes to your current pharmaceuticals

  • Offer guidance on how to “cure” your condition

  • Applications or renewals for medical cannabis cards


Interested in CBD & Cannabis from an Educated and Trained Professional?

Schedule a 30 minute consultation ($30), where you will speak to a Registered Nurse to answer all your question. $15 of your consultation fee will go towards the total of any purchased products.

  1. Introduction into cannabis, hemp, & CBD, if needed.

  2. Different methods of use (topical, edible, vape, oral oils, inhalation), onset times and duration.

  3. What to expect when using cannabis & CBD.

  4. Navigating your challenges for you to reach your goals.

  5. How to use a journal to track your progress.

Follow-up appointments

  1. Review of your current status and journal.

  2. Recommendations for changes to your nutrition, and/or lifestyle habits as applicable.

  3. Answer any questions or concerns that you have.

  4. Establish action steps for you to reach your goals

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