client consulting

Deanna Mautz, RN, BSN, a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association.

Deanna educates clients on:

  • The endocannabinoid system

  • How cannabis works in their body

  • Selecting safe and reliable products

  • Dosing

  • The benefits vs. risk of cannabis

  • Identifying drug interactions and avoiding/minimizing unwanted side effects

  • Working with their care team to incorporate conventional medication and treatments with alternative and complementary treatments, including cannabis use.

  • Incorporating nutrition and lifestyle habits to improve quality of life.

And it's this unique approach that makes her clients so successful in improving quality of life and reaching optimal health, no matter what their medical condition.


  • Bachelors of Science, Registered Nursing

  • Medical Cannabis Curriculum For Nurses - TMCI

  • Clinical Applications of Cannabis in Cancer Patients - TMCI

  • Member of American Cannabis Nurses Association

  • Member of Cannabis Nurses Network

New Patient Consultation

  1. Introduction into cannabis, if needed.

  2. Guidance on how to become a legal Medical Marijuana patient in Colorado (if applicable).

  3. Which method of cannabis use is best for you and why.

  4. What to expect when using cannabis.

  5. Navigating your challenges for you to reach your goals.

Follow-up appointments

  1. Review of your current status and journal.

  2. Recommendations for changes to your dosages, nutrition, and/or lifestyle habits as applicable.

  3. Answer any questions or concerns that you have.

  4. Establish action steps for you to reach your goals

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Consultation Fees

  • Initial Consultation and first month of 3 follow-up appointments (May include home visit, phone, or video)  – $199

  • Follow-up – For each subsequent month of weekly appointments (Phone)  – $119

  • 1-Hour Appointments - $65