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Deanna Mautz, RN, BSN, a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association and Cannabis Nurses Network.

Deanna consults with clients using a unique approach that makes her clients so successful in improving quality of life and reaching optimal health, no matter what their medical condition.


  • Bachelors of Science, Registered Nursing

  • Medical Cannabis Curriculum For Nurses - TMCI

  • Clinical Applications of Cannabis in Cancer Patients - TMCI

  • Member of American Cannabis Nurses Association

  • Member of Cannabis Nurses Network

What Nurse Educators CAN do:

  • Create individualized care plans that are appropriate for your lifestyle and budget with written instructions

  • Save you money!

  • Teach YOU how to effectively manage YOUR cannabis medicine

  • Provide ongoing support and guidance

What Nurse Educators CANNOT do:

  • “Prescribe” in any manner

  • Make changes to your current pharmaceuticals

  • Offer guidance on how to “cure” your condition

  • Applications or renewals for medical cannabis cards


Interested in CBD from an Educated and Trained Professional?

Schedule a 30 minute CBD consultation ($30), where you will speak to a Registered Nurse to answer all your question. $15 of your consultation fee will go towards the total of any purchased products.

  1. Introduction into CBD, if needed.

  2. Different methods of use (topical, edible, vape, oral oils, inhalation), onset times and duration.

  3. What to expect when using CBD.

  4. Navigating your challenges for you to reach your goals.

  5. How to use a journal to track your progress.

Follow-up appointments

  1. Review of your current status and journal.

  2. Recommendations for changes to your nutrition, and/or lifestyle habits as applicable.

  3. Answer any questions or concerns that you have.

  4. Establish action steps for you to reach your goals

New Patient Cannabis Consultation

  1. Introduction into cannabis treatment, if needed.

  2. Review of your medical history and diagnosis

  3. Review of your current/past treatments along with medications/supplements

  4. Instructions on how to become a legal patient

  5. Which application of medical cannabis is best for you and why

  6. A medical cannabis or cannabis oil treatment plan

  7. What to expect when treating yourself with medical cannabis.

Follow-up appointments

  1. Review of your current medical cannabis treatment plan and journal along with medications/supplements

  2. Recommendations for changes to your dosages or treatment as applicable

  3. Answer any questions or concerns that you have

Pricing for Cannabis Consultation


  • New patient consultation sessions $250 - (1 month program includes 1 hr telephone or in person consult, weekly 10-15 calls to adjust application/dosage, resources including printed/emailed/booklets).

  • Follow-up consultation session ($75 for 30 min)

    * Medical Cannabis Card recommendations available during office and home visits only (included in a New Patient consultation if needed).

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