Cannabis & Multiple sclerosis

For individuals experiencing pain from MS - whole plant hemp with CBD products can be effective at reducing inflammation.  Look for strains high in caryophyllene like Peak Performance Hemp Oil. Consider cannabis strains with THC and CBD 1:1 for symptoms such as spasticity.

Research studies suggest that essential oils high in linalool are highly useful in control of MS symptoms.  Try Peak Performance Massage oil with linalool topically.

Linalool in our hemp products can be useful in controlling MS symtpoms.

Linalool in our hemp products can be useful in controlling MS symtpoms.

Home Remedy:  Add Peak Performance Massage oil or our Hemp Bath Soaks to a warm bath and soak for at least 20 minutes.  You may also add Essential oils like helichrysum, basil, rosemary oils for added support.  

Suggested Supplements

  • Omega - 3. EPA/DHA found in fish can reduce inflammation and promote better nerve functioning.  

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom.  Promote neurological function and helps restore nerve cells.

  • Cannabis strain AC/DC with CBD is a great supporting actor that is an anti-inflammatory.  It is well known for helping with multiple sclerosis and neurological pain issues.

Essential Oils

  • Helichrysum, especially when combined with frankincense oil, may support the neurological system and can alleviate some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.  Essential oils may be purchased by contacting Peak Performance Hemp at 970.251.7352 or contacting us.

Incorporating cannabis, hemp, CBD, whatever form you choose, along with some small lifestyle changes can make a big impact in your life.

There are lots of options out there for you when it comes to health.   If you need help sorting out all the information, knowing what lifestyle changes would be best, knowing what steps to take and in what order, knowing what cannabis products to include into your regime, then please contact me!

As a Consultant, you can work directly with me, one-on-one.  As a consultant I educate clients on:

  • Incorporating nutrition and lifestyle habits to improve quality of life.

  • Selecting safe and reliable products

  • Correct dosing

  • Identifying drug interactions and avoiding/minimizing unwanted side effects

  • Working with their care team to incorporate conventional medication and treatments with alternative and complementary treatments, including cannabis use.

And it's this unique approach that makes my clients so successful in improving quality of life and reaching optimal health.

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