Cannabis Benefits Without The High

If you have read my past posts you will probably know that I am not into getting “super stoned”.  I have had some negative experiences with cannabis and the “high”. But to be honest, that was my own fault, ignorance and naivety.  

So today I want to share with you that you can still enjoy Cannabis (marijuana and hemp) without getting super stoned.  Go on, keep reading...There are so many health & wellness benefits to cannabis that you might be able to benefit from and I don’t want you to miss out on those things because of the side effects of high THC.

When the federal government made cannabis illegal, it turned from a healing plant with medicinal value to a recreational plant.  Strains of cannabis with high THC became dominant. High THC strains are the strains that make us feel “super stoned”, but also can increase anxiety, make us feel paranoid, and several other negative effects.  But high THC strains were the strains that were available, and sold for more money.

No one wanted low THC strains, what is the point?!?!  Well recently we are finding out about all the benefits of low THC:high CBD strains or strains that are 1:1 (equal THC:CBD).

Here is where things get a little tricky.  The federal government still says cannabis is illegal.  But is some state it is legal for medicinal use, some states legal for medicinal and recreational, some states it is illegal.  So know your state and federal laws where you live. I am not advising you to do anything illegal.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a state where cannabis is legal medicinally and recreationally, then I hope you give cannabis a try for all of its benefits.  I started this article off by giving THC a little bit of a “bad name”. But I assure you that THC is not the enemy, and with a little education and experimentation we can maybe all grow to love the whole plant (THC included).

Maybe you don’t care how cannabis works in the body, maybe the science isn’t important to you.  But here is a few things that might help you understand cannabis a bit better.

CBD, THC and all the other compounds in the plant work together in our body to experience the greatest benefits of the plant.  THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the intoxicating feeling, the head high. CBD in contrast does not provide the intoxicating feeling, but rather works to counterbalance the intoxicating feeling of THC.  What!?!?

THC activates CB1 receptors in our body to cause intoxication.  CBD works as a modulator to limit the intoxication. Put simply, THC and CBD balance each other out and help each other be more effective.  They are better together, and that is why people get better results from a full spectrum products (contains the whole plant as opposed to isolated compounds or ingredients).  

There are lots of options out there for you when it comes to Cannabis. If you need help sorting out all the information, knowing what strain would be best, best method to use, where to buy then please contact me!

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