Meet Cannabis, Plant Based Health Revolution

In 2019, it is likely that you have heard about CBD or even tried it.  Maybe you have done a little internet searching about what it is, what it does, why people use it.  Your friend might be using it and telling you all about how it is her remedy for anxiety, pain, or inflammation.

Cannabis Nurse Consultant -

Cannabis Nurse Consultant -

Perhaps you have seen the FB post about how cannabis maybe the key to fighting the opioid crisis or treating cancer.  And that it is great for depression, acne, autoimmune disorders, PTSD…. There are many, many claims about the greatness of cannabis, hemp and CBD.  It all sounds so amazing, but can be pretty hard to believe that is is so great for all those things.

Can a simple natural plant work in all of those issues?  Well, the answer is maybe. If you start reading the actual science, it is promising.  

But then you start asking “Where can I buy it?”, “Is it legal?”, and “How much do I take?”  And this is where the information can get confusing and conflicting.

When I first starting researching cannabis, I started down a rabbit hole of information.  How does it work? How much should you use? How does it affect your body? How does it react with medications, supplements?  How do I talk to the doctors about trying it? What strains would be best for my my symptoms? If I don’t like how one strain/brand makes me feel, are there other options?

Luckily for you I love researching, and am passionate about educating and empowering others.  It is my purpose to share with you all of the information you may need to start on your cannabis journey.

Right now you have a couple of options.  

1.  You can work directly with me, one-on-one.  As a Registered Nurse and a Member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association I educate clients on:

  • The endocannabinoid system

  • How cannabis works in their body

  • Selecting safe and reliable products

  • Correct dosing

  • The benefits vs. risk of cannabis

  • Identifying drug interactions and avoiding/minimizing unwanted side effects

  • Working with their care team to incorporate conventional medication and treatments with alternative and complementary treatments, including cannabis use.

  • Incorporating nutrition and lifestyle habits to improve quality of life.

And it's this unique approach that makes my clients so successful in improving quality of life and reaching optimal health, no matter what their medical condition.

2.  Follow Peak Performance Hemp Blog.  Each week I will be sharing information about Cannabis, information that you can trust.  Topics include important things to know about cannabis, the pharmacology of it’s benefits, guidelines on dosing, and recipes for edibles and topicals.

You may be skeptical about CBD and Hemp.  You may have written it off as a “snake oil”.  Maybe you aren’t sure about using cannabis, because you don’t want to feel “high”.  That is where I come in, to help you take the first step to learn more about it.

How can you trust me?  Because I am a holistic health care provider who has done the research, who is still doing research.  I advocate for my patients and clients for quality of life. I have worked with people by educating and empowering them to make lifestyle changes, incorporate natural supplements to reach their optimal health.  I have been the daughter that took care of her dad while he lost his battle to cancer. I have been the parent whose child’s doctor only offered synthetic prescription medications with a long list of side effects, without offering a more natural option that works.  I am here as someone who’s simply trying to empower you on your journey to health.

Are you ready?  Contact me to set up one-on-one consulting or sign up at the bottom of this page to get the latest information that you can trust.