How Cannabis Changed My Mind About Cannabis

Funny thing about me and cannabis: Never my thing! I remember the first time I tried “a joint”. It was the worst thing ever. I am pretty sure the person who gave it to me had it rolled up for like 20 years and it was horrible to smoke. No thanks. Strike 1!

Next attempt, still in my early 20’s in the comfort of my own apartment but not sure where it actually came from - this time it made me super light headed like I was going to pass out and I was super paranoid. I was so light headed, laying on the couch but wanted to crawl to the fridge. I wasn’t necessarily hungry but wanted to eat everything in there!  I was also worried that everyone in my apartment complex knew what I was doing and at any moment the cops would be banging on my door. Strike 2!

How I felt after trying Cannabis - Couch lock

How I felt after trying Cannabis - Couch lock

I declared then that marijuana was not for me, not my thing. I didn’t care if anyone else did it, it was their choice.

Fast forward almost 20 years, I still had no idea that there was a thing called “medicinal marijuana”. Just thought people used it to feel good, feel high, lay on the couch and eat massive amounts of Funyuns and M&Ms.

I tell you this because 1. I am trying to make a point that many people have had a negative experience with cannabis and 2. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to open our eyes, research and believe in things we didn’t always believe in.

When I say cannabis I mean marijuana and hemp. Because first came marijuana into my life as medicinal benefits, which led me to CBD/hemp.

Cancer has touched many of us, either ourselves or a loved one. As a nurse, cancer had always scared me. I had seen a few people lose their battle, and Oncology was never a path for me as a nurse. And one day I got a call from my dad after getting results from an x-ray. “They found some spots, and have scheduled more tests.” I teared up, because as a nurse deep down I knew. I asked him what he was thinking, and I could hear his voice become a little shaky. His response, “The “c” word”.

Only when faced with seeing my dad decline, in excruciating pain, unable to eat or have a bowel movement, unable to sleep unless extremely sedated from IV morphine and oral oxycodone, hallucinations from the medications, IV lines in both arms, chest tube exiting the side of his chest, tubing attached to his face pointing up his nose providing oxygen because of all the pain meds that decreased his respiratory rate, unable to eat because he was extremely nauseated. Only then did I consider, think about, research, talk to his doctor and then beg my dad to try it.

And that is how cannabis changed my mind about cannabis….and the rest is a beautiful story that I will continue to learn about and share.