Using Cannabis When Sick

Flu season is here. When you’re home sick or home taking care of a loved one, cannabis can be helpful.   It can improve your mood and help you sleep, cannabis can also relieve inflammation and pain while balancing immunity.

Add Hemp Infused Honey to a warm cup of tea

Add Hemp Infused Honey to a warm cup of tea

Peak Performance Hemp makes non-smoked products that won’t irritate your throat or increase coughing and congestion. You can place Hemp Tincture drops under your tongue or add it to your favorite drink.  You can also add some cannabis or Hemp-infused honey to your tea.

Many cannabinoids and terpenes have antibiotic effects. As for viruses, cannabinoids and terpenes alter immune response to viruses, either increasing or decreasing viral replication, depending on the study and virus.

Lots of people love cannabis’ relief but hate the side effects of being “high”. Peak Performance Hemp products can provide relief without any “intoxicating” effects.

When you’re not feeling well, make sure to get rest and drink lots of fluids.  Drinking a cup of hot tea with lemon juice and hemp infused honey is a natural way to get you back to optimal health.