CBD Fact #4

CBD & Prescription Medication

CBD & Prescription Medication

If you want to start taking CBD or a Cannabis product but you are also taking other prescription medications, you should be aware that there is a chance for drug interations.

Sure you can buy CBD anywhere now…CVS, health food stores, corner gas station. But I would recommend you contacting your pharmacist or provider. If your provider can’t advise you, then I suggest contacting a licensed Cannabis Doctor or Cannabis Nurse before starting it.

  • CBD Consulting by PPH is simple.

  • Schedule a Consult with our Cannabis Nurse

  • Ensure that your CBD will not interact with your prescription medication

  • Learn ways to work with your doctor, pharmacist, and medications to incorporate your CBD into your health

  • A portion of your Consult fee goes towards products that are 3rd Party lab tested to ensure quality & reliability.