How Much CBD Should I Use (Dose)?

Understanding how CBD works and how to use it can be somewhat confusing, especially since the industry is so new. Believe me, I understand.  When I first started using it, I was a bit lost. With education and experience, I am going to try to answer one of the biggest questions I get asked:

How much should I use?  

There are tons of articles about the benefits of CBD,  but it is harder to find information on dosing. First, there is no scientific information at this point about how much CBD you should take for any given situation. The FDA has not created a Recommended Daily Intake and only allows Hemp CBD Oil manufacturers to sell their oils with CBD as food supplements. There is no scientific data supporting sizes of doses. But, there is some helpful information below that I found by scouring the internet, researching some trusted sources in the industry and by talking to people who have taken CBD. This info can be used as a guidelines to help you figure out what a proper dose may be best for you.

So, HOW MUCH SHOULD I TAKE? There is no scientific data that says any particular number. And, by FDA guidelines, no one can say that any number of CBD will cure, help or treat any health condition.

But, here’s what I can share with you. The bigger you are, the more CBD you will typically have to take. And, the more severe the situation, the more CBD you will typically have to take.

When talking about dosage, we need to take into account important factors such as:

The concentration of tincture

The weight of the individual

The individual’s body chemistry

The severity of the condition being treated

The tricky part: there isn’t a “one size fits all” dosage, and there will be some trial and error on your part while determining your proper dosage.

So how much CBD should you take then? Use these 3 tips to find out:

How to Choose Your CBD Dosage

1. Estimate your dosage based on your body weight

Typically individuals who weight more  will require more CBD to experience its effects and benefits. A general starting point to determine your proper dosage is to take 1–6 MG of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

For example, 20 MG-33 MG would be a great starting dosage for a 200 lb person.

For reference, use Honest Marijuana’s Simple Dosage Calculator.

2. Start small and increase gradually

The best advice I can give you is start small, slow and low.  What works for one person, won’t necessarily work for you. All of our body chemistry is different, we are all different.  Which means we will react differently.

I often recommend to first determine your initial dosage based on your weight, bring awareness to your body and symptoms.  How did your body react to that amount? Then gradually increase the amount while continuing to notice how your body responds until you find the dosage that works for you.  Slow and low.

3. Consult your medical provider

When in doubt, consult your provider, especially if you have an existing medical condition and are taking prescription medications. While there aren’t a ton of doctors who have experience with CBD and cannabis, most doctors should have a good idea on guidance for you.

Now you should have a good idea how much CBD you should take! But you can always contact me for more info.