Heart & Soul

This company started because of a passion.  A passion for quality of life. I have always had an interest in health.  And an interest in living life to the fullest, with a lifestyle for optimal health.  

I became a nurse a long time ago.  And a comment I received from a family member when I told them I was going to nursing school was “but you hate using medicine!”  And that is true. I hate using medicine. But I know there is a time and place for conventional medicine and pharmacology. My philosophy is to use the least invasive method first, and then increase as needed.  When my family member told me that, my answer was “I am going to be the nurse to spark a revolution! I am going to be the nurse that empowers people to make a change.”

And I am honored to say, that is exactly what I am doing!  As a nurse, I don’t settle for “You have high blood pressure, so now you need to take blood pressure medication for the rest of your life.”.  I say “Ok, your body is telling you that something needs to change. Let’s look at what might be causing your high blood pressure and think about what you can do to fix it.”  

The greatest part of being a nurse is being able to educate and empower others to live their best life.  I get to connect with people about what their goals are, what might be their challenges, and discover who it is they want to be.  I get to be the nurse that says “You are doing fantastic! Keep up the great work!” “I know that making healthy changes is extremely difficult, but I see you making the change, I see you working hard, and I see your lab results improving!”  I get to be the nurse that says “It is an honor to be with you on your health journey!”

Recently, my role changed from nurse to daughter.  I had to trade in my nurse role to be the loving daughter.  My father didn’t need a nurse, he needed love and support.  He didn’t need me educating or translating to him on what the medical community and staff was telling him. He didn’t need me talking to him about nutrition, supplements, or lifestyle changes.  He didn’t need me talking to him about “the least invasive” options. And I have to say, that role change was extremely difficult. It was extremely hard to sit in a hospital room and listen to medical staff talk to my father (who had no medical knowledge), yet they used language he didn’t understand.  It was hard knowing what my father’s beliefs were, and sit and listen to medical professionals tell my father what they were going to do, without asking him how he felt about it or what he wanted. It was hard to hear that my father had a diagnosis that I “couldn’t fix”.

At the time, I know he need the medication to provide him relief for his symptoms (narcotics/pain medication).  But that medication didn’t take away the pain and suffering he was dealing with and it created so many new side effects to deal with.  I talked to him and his Oncologist about using medical marijuana/cannabis to relieve some of those symptoms, improve his quality of life. His Oncologist was on board, unfortunately he was not. He didn’t want to spend his last days “high”, even though he was highly sedated/intoxicated from pain meds.  It took some work on my part to educate and empower him to decide to try a tincture that helped his symptoms without having the “high” feeling. I finally got to see him sleep, at peace without so much pain. I witnessed him ask for a Dairy Queen Blizzard because the nausea had subsided. I got to be a part of the moment where he shared popsicles with his granddaughters.

As a nurse and daughter, it pained me not to be able to heal or fix him.  I couldn’t fix the quantity of life for him. But I was able to empower him and guide him to quality of life, for the short amount of time that I had left with him.

And that is why I am doing what I am doing!